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Hey, What’s the Big Idea?

Information, ideas, concepts, data, numbers, processes, descriptions, key points, dates, details, venting,
opinions . . . sometimes sorting it all out can be confusing.

BigIdeaZoo captures it all in a visual structure. We never predict what form it will take – that always comes from you. Sometimes it’s a path, other times a
horizon, sometimes a pool of water, or a bird’s eye view of a situation. But, no matter the metaphor, we translate information into pictures. And once it’s visible, clarity
naturally emerges.











This is the process of capturing the shape of information as you or your group express your perspective about the project or situation. This often takes place in a room with groups who are brainstorming, or during keynote presentations to an audience; other times it is over the phone. In the end, we deliver a visual map of the event or conversation to you or your group.



visualmapping  ANIMATION

When you need to take your visual information to the next level, we put your pictures and story into motion with sound. We create custom videos that can be shared, embedded into websites or eLearning shells.


visualmapping  INFOGRAPHICS

Sometimes you want a picture of your information – a “map” of a process, program or message. Infographics are a fun way to display your information graphically.


visualmapping  PRESENTATIONS 911

When your presentation is drowning in text and bullet points, we create a visual structure to help tell your story. If you are tired of losing your audience the minute you begin, we can help. We’ve “made-over” some really boring stuff.













BigIdeaZoo removes barriers between humans and the ideas hovering all around us. Then, we design the best way to share those ideas with humor, pictures and words – which we combine to create a seriously fun, seriously effective message.

BigIdeaZoo has led Fortune 500 Corporations, nonprofits and emerging customers through visual communication and planning processes for nearly 20 years. With extensive organizational development expertise, each project is visually customized to deliver bottom line results.






Lori Rock

Founder and Creative Strategist

Lori leads the BigIdeaZoo team with nearly 25 years’ experience in visual communication, employee training and organizational development. With a master’s degree in Whole Systems Design, she specializes in extreme curiosity mixed with humor and systems thinking – to lead clients through the discovery of their unique, visual story.



Aaron Bishop


Aaron brings your visual story to life by putting images in motion to create one-of-a-kind animations. A military veteran who has been creating cartoons since the age of 4, he has been animating professionally for 10 years. He has a natural instinct for movement, an eye for humor and an unrelenting passion to ensure you receive quality animation that will make your message contagious!


Aaron Wheeler

Actor and Voiceover Artist

Aaron brings all sorts of corporate and creative copy to life, delivering warmth to straight narration and energy to instructional and commercial videos. His uncanny ability to personify character voices will surprise you. A graduate of UC San Diego, his experience includes many years of working on web videos with other crazies in the marketing and creative sectors.


Kelly Bahr

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Kelly is a doodler by nature, offering a unique and gifted perspective to all of her illustrations. With a BFA in graphic design, she creates a wide array of visually striking artwork. Whether it’s clean imagery for corporate campaigns or the lighthearted animals designed for this page, she brings a myriad of colorful ideas to all her projects.


Hannah Melbourn

Voiceover Artist, Singer & Songwriter

Hannah is a London born British voice actor energizing corporate messages and bringing stories to life. She also specializes in children’s character work, taking on characters ranging from delicate fairies to angry pirates! A singer and songwriter, she is big into music, comedy, yoga and traveling.


Dan Lewis

Voiceover Artist

Dan was a highly acclaimed television news anchor and reporter throughout his 42 year career in broadcasting, including the last 27 years at KOMO-TV in Seattle. Before he retired in 2014 Dan won 15 Emmy awards for his work in television. Dan was known for bringing a “human” touch to the news and is now available for on-camera and voice work.

Lin Qian

Voiceover Artist

Born in Shanghai, Lin has extensive experience as a bilingual voiceover talent and document translator (English / Chinese Mandarin). She provides invaluable consultation to clients who hope to deliver their messages through the most effective use of language and voice.






Lori helped Comcast University develop a mandatory eLearning module on the topic of Records Management. She was able to convert this seemingly ‘dry’ topic into an engaging, fun and informative animated video that our learners have been raving about!

-Kyle, Sr. Manager at Comcast University



“The results have been very positive: in the first 2 months (of them being available) in China the videos were viewed over 200,000 times. (teacher) “Thank you very much for sending me the videos. They are very interesting and easy to understand.”

-Kishore, ELT Product Manager


“Our meeting had more than 25 people in attendance and it worked very well. We also left our “mural” posted so that employees could be reminded on a regular basis of the goals and ideas that were developed during the meeting.”

-Maggie, External Communications Manager


“Lori’s strengths are in her communication skills as well as being a highly visual person . . . . In our process, Lori was very effective in capturing important information in our SWOT analysis which is still relative four years later and under annual review.”

-Rod, Executive Director






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