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    What is your big idea?

Employee Training got you down? Corporate Compliance looming over your company?

We can help – in multiple languages! Click on Our Work to see samples.

We specialize in 3 things:

    • Whiteboard Animation - we create custom illustrations, adding a little humor and setting them in motion.
    • Graphic Recording - we listen while you or your group talk. We draw pictures of what you’re saying. You keep the visual map.
    • PowerPoint 9-1-1 - send us your worst, we will reinvent your story and replace all those bullet points with PICTURES!

We use pictures to create:

BigIdeaZoo uses pictures to capture ideas and then designs the best way to share those ideas with your audience.

  • Vision - we solidify your sense of direction for your team or department
  • Alignment - we get your team connected to its purpose
  • Processes - we help you create the plan for accomplishing your goals
  • Education - we engage your audience by refreshing and energizing stale information
  • Messaging - we help you clearly and concisely say what needs to be said

BigIdeaZoo has led Fortune 500 Corporations, nonprofits and emerging customers through the visual strategic planning process for nearly 20 years. With extensive organizational development expertise, we approach each project with a solid set of tools with demonstrated results.

Connect with us to start the conversation – we’ll have a pen handy to start jotting down ideas.